"To the nurse!"
— Mrs. Hayfer's unexplained catchphrase.

Alice Hayfer


Full Name
Alice Hayfer
Stand-up comedian (Vicious Tiberius)
San Diego, California
Family & Friends
Jerold Hayfer (husband)
Kelly Hayfer (daughter)
Josh Nichols
Jerold Hayfer (married)
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Alice Hayfer (b. Linda Hayfer) is a recurring character in Drake & Josh.

She's portrayed by Julia Duffy.

Personality Edit

According to Josh, she's the nicest teacher in the school, with the exception of Drake. One time, she even told Drake that he got a question wrong, but when she asked a boy named Todd the same question, Todd had the same answer as Drake, but she said Todd got it correct. A running gag in the series is Mrs. Hayfer saying, "I hate you," and Drake responding with, "I know." She usually goes, "To the nurse," for no reason, like when Drake got in trouble and when she needed to talk to him in private.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Drake Parker Edit

Mrs. Hayfer is shown to hate Drake due to how irresponsible he is. One of her catchphrases is even, "I hate you," which she always says to Drake.

Josh Nichols Edit

Throughout the series, she is shown to favor Josh due to how hard-working he is.

Trivia Edit

  • It has been heavily debated whether her name is Alice (which Josh said in Honor Council) or Linda (seen on TV in Vicious Tiberius). It is likely that since it said her name was Linda at an earlier time, she was born Linda Hayfer, but changed her name to Alice between that time and when she became a teacher.
  • She has a vicious Rottweiler named Tiberius.
  • Her last name was inspired by Steve Hoefer (who works with Dan Schneider), whose last name is pronounced 'Hayfer'.
  • She and Helen Dubois seem to have somewhat flipped personalities: Mrs. Hayfer abhors Drake, but adores Josh, while Helen dislikes Josh, but adores Drake.