Season 1, Episode 25
Airdate February 8, 2014
Production Code 126
Written by Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow
Directed by Dan Frischman
Viewership 2.744 million
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#BrainCrush is the 25th episode of the first season of Sam & Cat. It aired on February 8, 2014.

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Sam and Cat enter the Handy Quick to put up a flyer for their babysitting service. Sam then goes to get some Blue Dog Soda, but she isn't allowed. A man comes and says that Blue Dog Soda was banned in California because of how much sugar it had. He says that there's people who drink 10-12 bottles of it a day. Sam and Cat complain that they just drink 1-2 bottles a week, but the man won't take away the Blue Dog ban. After a man falls down while holding a box of Blue Dog, the Blue Dog spills all over the floor and Sam starts shrieking.

Later, Sam starts trying to make some homemade Blue Dog. Cat tries it out, but it tastes nothing like Blue Dog Soda. Cat tries to fix up the homemade Blue Dog, and when Sam, Dice, and Goomer try it, it tastes exactly like Blue Dog Soda. Cat sends Sam, Dice, and Goomer a shopping list for all the stuff they need to start selling Blue Dog. They buy the ingredients and then open up the secret safe in Sam's closet. They start making some Blue Dog in the safe and sell it through Sam's window. But then, the man who banned Blue Dog arrives at Sam and Cat's door.

Sam and Cat believe that he was there to bust them for selling Blue Dog. However, the man was just there so that they could babysit his kid. Later, Sam makes Cat, Dice, and Goomer make 100 cases of Blue Dog to survive for the rest of their lives. Sam and the kid are making cheese sculptures. The man then arrives to pick up the kid. However, he hears a Blue Dog operating machine explode because Dice accidentally left something on there open. The man runs in the room and finds the Blue Dog cases. He starts to bust them, but Sam, Cat, Dice, and Goomer say that some people do too much of everything and it's unfair to ban something for everyone just because a few people can't control themselves. The man ends up believing them and decides to take away the Blue Dog ban.

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  • Brain Crush can be played in Sam & Cat website.

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