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 ! This article is about the Drake & Josh Carly. For the iCarly character, see Carly Shay.

"I really like you. Do you believe me?"
— Drake to Carly.

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Spin City Records Employee
San Diego, California
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Carly is a recurring character in Drake & Josh.

She's portrayed by Brittany Curran.

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Drake Parker Edit

Drake and Carly met at Spin City, where Carly worked. They apparently really liked each other, as Carly was at Drake's house. After she found out that Drake and Josh were having a bet about who could date the most girls, she became furious and wouldn't talk to Drake. Drake did many things to prove his honestly and loyalty to her, but failed. At the end, Drake gathered many of the people he decieved and confessed what he did to them. After that Carly and Drake resumed dating.

In The Storm, Carly appears again for her second and final time in the series. Drake spots Carly, his current girlfriend with two of his ex-girlfriends, Lucy (Gabrielle Christian) and Christine (Sara Christine Smith) thanks to Megan.Carly reveals he is her best kisser.

Lucy and ChristineEdit

Carly, Lucy and Christine interact only in The Storm. During the violent thunderstorm when everyone's gathered at the Parker-Nichols's house for a party for Drake's band performance (which was cancelled). Drake spots Carly, his current girlfriend, but also sees two of his ex-girlfriends, Lucy (Gabrielle Christian) and Christine (Sara Christine Smith) and tells Megan to keep them away from each other. Megan, given her evil nature, immedietly gets the three girls together and they all start giggling. Drake is desperate to find out what they were talking about, but fails many times. When he finally finds out what they were talking about, he realizes it was just that they all agreed that Drake was the best kisser they have ever met. After they tell Drake this they make him tell them who he thinks the best kisser is (out of the three girls). We never hear his answer.

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