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— Crazy Steve going berserk.

Crazy Steve
Full Name
Steven William Upshaw
Premiere Movie Theater Worker (Movie Job, We're Married? until Really Big Shrimp)
San Diego, California
Family & Friends
Josh Nichols (possibly)
Lula (most likely, Really Big Shrimp)
First appearance
Last appearance
Really Big Shrimp (intended to be series finale)
Portrayed by

Steven William "Crazy Steve" Upshaw is a recurring character in Drake & Josh.

Personality Edit

At first, he quits his job and gives it to Josh because of a complaint about a loose cup holder, but returns later on as an employee again. He has lots of strange problems, such as extreme anger issues. It can be assumed in Really Big Shrimp because of his father he had a rough childhood. He likes watching Dora the Explorer (The Storm) and the song "She'll Be Coming 'Round the Mountain" calms him down. He also is never assigned work on Mondays because those are his "bad days," revealed in Really Big Shrimp. Mindy once hired him to work on Mondays and exclaims "Crazy Steve's gone berserk!". In Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh it is revealed that he has a wood chipper named Sally and gets angry when people refer to her as "it". He is shown to act normal when he talks to some characters like Audrey. Helen mentions him at the end of the Victorious episode, "Helen Back Again."

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