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Dana Cruz
Full name
Dana Cruz
Family & Friends
Mr. Cruz (father)
Mrs. Cruz (mother)
Zoey Brooks
Dustin Brooks (possibly)
Chase Matthews (most likely)
Michael Barret (most likely)
Nicole Bristow (sometimes)
Quinn Pensky (possibly)
Logan Reese (sometimes)
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Dana Cruz is a main character in Zoey 101.

She's portrayed by Kristin Herrera.

Personality Edit

Dana's bad attitude is comparable to that of Logan Reese, whom she cannot stand, although both have quite a bit in common and went to a school dance together. Dana has a strong willed personality and will often try to do things on her own, which is shown in "Jet X," but finds she succeeds more in a group. She tends to be sometimes tomboyish, aggressive, and negative.

Relationships With Other Characters Edit

Zoey Brooks Edit

Dana met Zoey on her first day at PCA and although they got off on the wrong foot, they quickly became best friends after that and spent most of their time together at PCA. Zoey often had to break up fights between Dana and her other roommate Nicole Bristow during their first year. Dana and Zoey only have two arguments during the series. Dana and Zoey are both on the Basketball Team and Disc Golf Team together. After Dana left PCA, she and Zoey still kept in touch and remained close friends.

Nicole Bristow Edit

Dana met Nicole on her first day at PCA and they didn't get along very well because of Dana's attitude. Nicole and Dana constantly fought and Zoey had to break them up. Towards the end of the first season, Nicole and Dana had made peace and were friends but would still have arguments. Dana and Nicole are both on the Disc Golf Team together. The two remained friends after Dana left PCA.

Chase Matthews Edit

Dana met Chase through Zoey and they became friends. They would often speak to each other and hang out together. Dana and Chase got along most of the time and are both on the Disc Golf Team together. They both remained friends after Dana left after her first year.

Michael Barrett Edit

Dana and Michael didn't interact with each other a whole lot, but when they did, they seemed to get along well.

Logan Reese Edit

Dana and Logan fought a lot during Dana's first year and would usually insult each other whenever they see each other. They are both on the Disc Golf Team and Basketball Team together. They only got along on several occasions. In the episode School Dance, Logan suggested he wanted to make out with her & she almost kissed him on the dance floor, but stomped on his foot as a trick. The two made peace after the first season and became friends. They remained friends after Dana left PCA. At first, Dan Schneider had wanted Logan and Dana to become boyfriend and girlfriend but later decided that Quinn should take her place.

Trivia Edit

  • If her character hadn't been written off the series, she would've became Logan's girlfriend instead of Quinn.