Dirty Blob
Season 1, Episode 4
Game Shakers
Airdate September 26, 2015
Production Code 104
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Dirty Blob is the fourth episode of the first season of Game Shakers. It aired on September 26, 2015.

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Triple G is doing work with his teacher when Babe, Kenzie, and Hudson come and tell them to test their new game, Dirty Blob. The teacher refuses, as he had to do his work. Triple G pretends to go to the bathroom and brings Babe with him. Kenzie then gives Hudson an orange and tells him to peel it with his feet. Triple G tells Babe to call his teacher and tell her she's a cop and her house was robbed. Babe does this and the teacher falls for it. She leaves, and Triple G is about to test the new game when he takes a bite of the orange Hudson peeled with his feet and realized that it tasted weird. When he finds out Hudson had peeled it with his feet, he spits it out.

They go to the office and will release the game if Double G likes it. Babe puts Hudson in a dirty blob costume, planning to walk around New York to promote their new game. Double G walks in and Kenzie puts Dirty Blob on his Pear Pad. Triple G asks Double G if he can drive her to his mom's house. Double G asks Triple G why his teacher couldn't drop him off there. Double G becomes suspicious. He asks if Triple G tricked his teacher to get out of his schoolwork. He asks Babe and Hudson, but they don't say anything. He then asks Kenzie and then Kenzie admits that he had tricked his teacher to play Dirty Blob. Double G says that last week, Triple G had been at a party past his curfew and now, he had tricked his teacher to get out of his work. Double G tells him that he is on probation; if Triple G messed up one more time, he would lose his job at Game Shakers and would be sent to a boarding school in Utah. In class, once the teacher leaves, the class begins to watch Drake & Josh. Then, Double G calls them and tells that he had played Dirty Blob and he loved it. In the office, Triple G puts Hudson in his Dirty Blob suit and hangs him by a rope. Triple G lets go of the rope and Hudson knocks over a bunch of pins. He then knocks over Kenzie's computer cart. Babe and Kenzie see this, and they see that everything had been destroyed and they had lost both servers with Dirty Blob on it. Triple G had messed up, and if Double G found out, he'd send him to a boarding school in Utah.

Kenzie tries to fix the computer carts, but can't. They no longer had access to Dirty Blob. However, Hudson reminds them that they had put the game on Double G's Pear Pad, so they could get the game off of that. Kenzie knows that she would be able to transfer the app from the Pear Pad to her own Pear Pad if they can get his Pear Pad. Triple G says that they can't just ask Double G to borrow his Pear Pad, because of how suspicious Triple G believes he will be. Babe, Kenzie, Hudson, and Triple G sneak into Double G's office and transfer the game successfully. Hudson then accidentally presses a button and loud music plays around the office. Bunny and Ruthless catch them, and then, Double G arrives. He asks what they were doing in his office. Babe thinks fast and says that they came into his office because they love him and wrote a song to sing and record here. Double G believes this and brings a bunch of people into the office and he puts Babe, Kenzie, Hudson, and Triple G in the sound booth. Double G gets a friend named Scottie to play music. The four begin to improvise a random, terrible song.

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