Season 1, Episode 31
Airdate April 12, 2014
Production Code 131
Written by Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow
Directed by Russ Reinsel
Viewership 2.19 million
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#DroneBabyDrone is the 31st episode of the first season of Sam & Cat. It aired on April 12, 2014.

Plot Edit

Cat calls Nona and asks her if she could do her homework: watch the news and write a five-hundred word essay on your favorite topic. Nona hangs up, but when Cat turns on the news, she gets extremely bored. Dice comes in and tells Cat that he and Sam were on the street when someone in a car honked at them, so Sam chased him to the red light and stole his steering wheel and his shirt. Sam then arrives with what she took from him. Cat tries to trick them into doing their homework, too, but they know what she’s trying to do. They tell her that she should go on It gave 30 news stories in six minutes. Cat says okay, but if she found anything about gluten, climate change, or healthcare, she’ll punch Dice in the face. Right when Dice gets there, a news story plays about gluten affecting climate change, which will affect healthcare. Dice clicks on the next story and it is about how would start having flying drones bring items to people’s doors in under half an hour. They decided to order a bunch of stuff they don’t need from Zapathon that night.

That night, they order beef sticks, deodorant, extra-rough toilet paper, a badminton racquet, a shuttlecock, and a pair of size 62 underpants.  They check the sky for drones, but can’t find them. Nona then runs in with a hose and asks where the fire is. Cat had told Nona that there was a fire at their apartment so that she could get there quicker. Sam then uses the hose to spray Dice. Later, the drone arrives, but it ends up crashing through their kitchen window. They get their orders, but the next day, Sam and Cat have an argument with their landlord about who would pay for the window. Then, a Zapathon worker named Sherman comes in and says that he and his employees at Zapathon would pay for everything. Also, this wasn’t the only drone that had crashed into people’s windows. He gives Sam, Cat, and the landlord free shipping and half off everything ordered for the next month. Sam and Cat start ordering even more items from Zapathon, such as dirt from Tennessee, a pair of USA foot mittens, and a UFO detector. Then, Sam returns her gigantic toothbrush. A drone would soon fly in and pick up the baby. Nona is babysitting a baby named Tim Festerly. A drone arrives, scaring Nona. She ends up falling down. This causes Tim to laugh. She goes inside to get the butt powder, but then, a drone comes in and picks up Tim instead of Sam’s package. Nona sees the baby get flown away just in time.

Cat makes repeated calls to Zapathon representatives, Nona calls the police, and Sam calls Tubba Chicken. Neither are any help, but Sam gets her fried chicken and chili biscuits. Mrs. Festerly calls. Sam picks up, while Cat makes baby noises, which Cat said worked in Drake & Josh episode, “Two Idiots and a Baby.” It works. They then go to Zapathon to find the drone that picked up the baby. They explain what happened, but Sherman tells them that it was happening often, including pets, babies, snakes, mailboxes, and ladies’ wigs. Sam asks Sherman what room the stuff the drones were accidentally picking up were getting put. Sherman says that they get put in room 212. Sherman has a Zapathon co-worker named Frank (who extremely resembled Frank Zappa) drive them there. They get there, but they realize that almost all the babies look alike. Nona then remembers that when she fell down, it made Tim laugh, so whichever baby laughed was Tim. Sam shoves Nona down and they end up finding Tim. They leave (with Sam stealing someone’s mailbox, too), but a drone arrives and picks up Nona’s wig. Nona then leaves with Sam and Cat.

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