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"She asked me out! Half the time, if I even talk to a girl like that, she calls the police!"
— Eric to Drake.

Eric Blonowitz


Full Name
Eric Blonowitz
San Diego, California
Family & Friends
Various girls (Eric Punches Drake)
First appearance
Pilot (cameo appearance)
Pool Shark (first official appearance)
Last appearance
Portrayed by

Eric Blonowitz is a recurring character on Drake & Josh. He's portrayed by Scott Halberstadt.

Personality Edit

Eric is shown to be extremely nerdy and unpopular, but in Eric Punches Drake, he was popular because everyone thought he had punched Drake because he was making fun of his sister when he punched Drake by accident. In the episode, he was revealed to be a pacifist.

Relationships with other Characters Edit

Craig Ramirez Edit

Eric is almost always seen with Craig (with the exception of his cameo appearance in Pilot and Alien Invasion). They are shown to be best friends on the show, but they had a disagreement in Eric Punches Drake, when Eric ignored Craig after becoming popular.

Drake Parker Edit

Drake always calls Eric "Craig," the name of Eric's best friend. In Eric Punches Drake, Eric punched Drake in the face by accident, but rumors started to spread that Eric punched him on purpose for making fun of his sister. Eric encouraged them because he was becoming more popular, so Drake began to make fun of Eric's sister for real in fromt of a punch of people to prove to everyone that Eric wouldn't really punch him.

Josh Nichols Edit

Eric and Josh are shown to be good friends.

Trivia Edit