"It really looks like a wig."
— Cat telling the officers why she attacked Jett.

Season 1, Episode 35
Airdate July 17, 2014
Production Code 136
Written by Story: Andrew Thomas
Teleplay: Dan Schneider
Warren Bell
Directed by Russ Reinsel
Viewership 3.396 million
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#GettinWiggy is the 35th and final episode of Sam & Cat.

Plot Edit

The episode opens with Cat talking to her stuffed duck while trying to decide which stuffed animals to pack. Sam gets annoyed and asks why she is packing. Cat explains that she is going to Phoenix (which she pronounces as Pho-ee-nix), Arizona with Dice because Dice has a hair modeling gig there and his mom and Aunt Fergene got coyote fever. Nona then calls from the door. Sam and Cat go into the living room to let her in. Nona asks the girls if she can crash on the couch because Elderly Acres has furniture mites. Sam tells them that her mother used to have them in her toes. Cat says no, because Nona can sleep in the bedroom since she will be in Arizona. Sam doesn't want Nona to stay and faints. But Nona says they are only two bedrooms and Cat says she is going to Phoenix. Nona gets excited to have Sam as a roomatee and wants to bump butts. Sam asks Cat to go to Arizona to with her in order to not live with Nona and Cat reminds Sam she has a warrant there for her arrest. Cat invents a song for Sam to memorize the states Sam's not allowed in.

At the hair modeling studio, Dice and Cat walk in and greet one of Dice's friends. They also meet the photographer and he makes an announcement saying he will choose who will be on the cover. Dice gets mad because he thought he was going to get the cover. Cat assures him he will win because of his awesome hair. Then a guy with long blonde hair walks in named Jett Zander, who is the world's greatest hair modeler. The photographer is impressed by him and takes pictures of him. Cat also takes a selfie with him. At the apartment, Sam walks in to find a ton of food on the counter and Nona says she cooked it all. She made ribs, chicken, Macaroni and four different cheeses, which she calls, "Macaroni and Cheese and Cheese and Cheese and Cheese." And Nona says for dessert, they have a make your own sundae. Sam says this is a dream she doesn't want to wake up from. At the hair modeling studio, the photographer takes pictures of all the hair modelers there. After that, Dice is sure Jett will win, but Cat says his hair is a wig and Dice is surprised and says if he is wearing a wig, he gets disqualified and Dice will win.

At home, Nona walks into Sam and Cat's bedroom while Sam is in there and says Cat sent a text that says to remind Sam that she has to babysit twins tomorrow. Sam doesn't want to do it because Cat says the twins are coming in the morning and Sam doesn't wake up in the morning and also she hates one of the twins, but doesn't remember which one. Nona offers to take care of the twins because she gets up at 6 AM and says that Sam can sleep in as long as she needs. Sam wants Nona to do her laundry and Nona refuses because she already did it. Sam is amazed and she even got a stain out. Sam is now enjoying having Nona as a roommate and says to Nona to not die tomorrow. At the hair modeling studio, Cat devises a plan to get Jett's hair to fly off where she pretends to lose a contact and gets Jett to bend down and try to find while Cat turns on a giant fan and tries to blow the wig away. The plan fails as Jett's hair doesn't fall off. At the apartment, Nona has the twins asleep and the building manager knocks on the door and Sam is afraid because she hasn't paid her half of the rent in two months. Nona gets Sam to hide in the closet while she opens the door. The manager says Cat pays her share of the rent while Sam just pays with fake money from Monopoly Junior. The manager asks where Sam is and Nona lies and says Sam moved out of the country. The manager says to have Sam pay her share of the rent and leaves. Sam comes out and says Nona is the best roommate ever and not to tell Cat that. At the hair modeling place, the photographer is ready to decide who will be on the cover on the magazine and picks Jett. Cat gets mad and tells Jett to admit he is wearing a wig. Jett denies it and Cat jumps on him and tries to tear his wig and tears his pieces of hair and Cat discovers that is his natural hair. At the apartment, Nona is ready to go back to Elderly Acres as the mites are gone and Sam is disappointed and wants Nona to stay there longer and make dinner. Then Sam's phone rings and Dice reveals he got the cover, Jett is going for scalp surgery, and Cat is being arrested and if Nona doesn't come to Arizona and bail her out, Cat is going to be there for two weeks. Sam hangs up and lies to Nona saying Cat and Dice decided to stay in Arizona for two more weeks to get Nona to stay there. Nona decides to stay and make dinner and Sam is happy.

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode was not planned as the series finale, however, following the July cancellation of the show, this episode is being considered a series finale by Nick, similar to how Victorious had ended without a finale, using a regular episode, Victori-Yes.
    • This is ironic as the events of #FavoriteShow revolved around That's a Drag! being cancelled and not having a final episode (mocking Victorious), which is exactly what has happened to Sam & Cat.
  • This episode aired before the Kids' Choice Sports Awards.
  • This episode was filmed the week of the 2014 Kids' Choice Awards.
  • This episode is the only to air on a Thursday, and the second to not premiere on a Saturday, after #YayDay. This is also the second to not premiere at 8 PM, after #SuperPsycho.
  • This is the second time a location other than Los Angeles or Seattle appears, the first being Oxnard in #Lumpatious.
  • It's unknown to who Sam was talking on the phone when she comes back with a pack of chips.

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Character relevations Edit

  • Sam and Cat both pay half of the rent.
  • Sam has arrest warrants in Arizona, Utah, Ohio, Texas, New Hampshire, and Tennessee; and she also states that she's "not welcome in Europe".
    • Cat also wrote a song about it to help her remember in which states.

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Running gags Edit

  • Cat mispronouncing "Phoenix".

Series continuity Edit

  • Dice's hair modeling job is mentioned.
  • This is the second time Cat gets arrested in this show after #MagicATM, and the third time overall if counting the time she got arrested in Yerba in Victorious.
  • This is the first and only time that Nona appears in the bedroom of the apartment.