Season 1, Episode 22
Airdate January 11, 2014
Production Code 122
Written by Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow
Directed by Russ Reinsel
Viewership 3.379 million
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#Lumpatious is the 22nd episode of the first season of Sam & Cat. It aired on January 11, 2014.

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Sam, Cat, and the boy they're babysitting, Lucas are eating at Bots. Cat is helping him study his vocabulary words. Whilst quizzing him Lucas is unable to remember the word 'projectile', Sam takes one of her sliders and uses it as a projectile hitting Tandy. He remembers the word after Sam's demonstration. Lucas informs them that his mom isn't coming to pick him up today- that his brother Jepson is. Everyone who knows Jepson hates him. He picks on everyone and when Jepson comes to pick up Lucas, he scares Cat. Lucas calls Jepson "lumpatious." Sam and Cat think this is a real word. Sam says that if they can prove lumpatious is a word in one week, Jepson has to wear a bikini, and stand somewhere for an hour. Jepson says that if they lose, they have to drink his sweat.

Sam looks in dictionaries and Cat looks online. They can't find lumpatious. Dice comes in just as Sam accidentally throws a dictionary at Dice in fury. Dice was carrying a huge dictionary. Sam can't find lumpatious. Dice, whose nose was now bleeding, says that if they want to out lumpatious in the dictionary, they'd have to go to Oxnard. They do this and the Word Keepers there say that they have to prove that lumpatious is a word. To do it, a famous person must say it.

At Bots, Cat remembers that someone in Elderly Acres was famous. Sam and Cat run there but it was no use. The famous guy couldn't talk. At Inside-Out Burger, Sam and Cat see Chris Christie in a van. Sam and Cat run up to Chris and make him say "lumpatious." Then, Sam and Cat go back to Oxnard and show the video to the Word Keepers. They add the word to a dictionary and Jepson has to wear a bikini.

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