Season 1, Episode 19
Airdate November 23, 2013
Production Code 118
Written by Dan Schneider
Warren Bell
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 2.914 million
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#MyPoober is the 19th episode of the first season of Sam & Cat. It aired on November 23, 2013.


Sam and Cat are about to babysit an eleven-year-old girl named Ellie, but the girl's mom talks to them first wanting to make a deal with the two to get rid of Poober, Ellie's stuffed animal since she was three. They soon find out Ellie is obsessed and overprotective of Poober, and refuses to give it up. Even when Cat is able to get Poober away from Ellie through persuasion, which also leads to Cat blabbing the secret of where she and Sam stash their babysitting money, a small storage container disguised as a pineapple, Ellie finds a way to get Poober back. The duo discuss ways to dispose of Poober and decide on sending it into outer space. They use Goomer's toy rocket for Poober's farewell, but before they launch the rocket, Ellie wants to have a final moment with her companion. She ends up rescuing Poober, and replacing it with the pineapple full of Sam and Cat's money. As the rocket doesn't go far, Goomer takes Sam, Cat, Dice, and Ellie to track it down. Sam gets angry at Cat for blowing the secret about the money storage container. The rocket is traced to a graveyard where Sam recognizes its caretaker as someone who sold her a pear phone in Seattle. Sam and Cat reclaim the pineapple while leaving Ellie at the graveyard with the caretaker.




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