New Roomies
Season 1, Episode 2
Airdate January 9, 2005
Production Code 102
Written by Steve Holland
Directed by Steve Holland
Episode Chronology
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New Roomies is the second episode of the first season of Zoey 101. It aired on January 9, 2005.

Plot Edit

Nicole keeps blow drying her hair in the morning when Dana is sleeping. Due to this, Nicole and Dana keep on fighting. While Dana and Nicole were having another one of their morning arguments, Zoey was brushing her teeth. She knocks on the door because she forgot her key. Zoey is tired of their constant arguments. Later, Zoey has lunch with Chase. Then, Dustin arrives and asks Zoey for some money due to the fact that Dustin had spent his entire allowance on gummy worms, which he loved. All Zoey had was fifteen dollars which she had to keep. Chase didn't have any money, so Dustin goes to find a way to earn some money, Then, Michael sits down with Zoey and Chase and complains about Quinn, who was sitting by herself and trying to examine the emotions of food. Zoey and Chase go to Quinn. Quinn reveals that she doesn't have any roommates. After lunch, Dana and Nicole were fighting again. Zoey forgot her key again and she has Dana left her in. Dana thinks that it's annoying how Nicole blow dries her hair when she needed quiet, but Nicole thinks Dana is a slob and needs to clean up her bed. Nicole also complains that if she doesn't blow dry her hair periodically, it gets all frizzy. After Zoey corrects both of them, Nicole and Dana gang up on Zoey. They say that Zoey's not perfect, either and it's annoying how she keeps forgetting her key. Zoey becomes angry and she moves into Quinn's room. That night, while Zoey was sleeping, Quinn attaches lights to Zoey to monitor her dreams, angering Zoey.

The next morning, Zoey sees Quinn's silent leaf blower. She then explains that her name is Quinn and she invents things so she calls her inventions "Quinventions." Later, Zoey plays foosball with Chase and they decide to go see a movie on campus on Friday. After Zoey wins, Zoey sees Dustin putting up posters offering Spanish lessons. The posters said "Señorita Dustin" on it. Dustin was studying Spanish and was charging $4 for lessons. Zoey then points out that "Señorita Dustin" meant that he was a girl. Dustin starts muttering angrily in Spanish. Later, Zoey and Chase discuss about Zoey making up with Nicole and Dana. Zoey wanted to move out of Quinn's room, but she is surprised to discover that Quinn wants Zoey to move out, too. The reason for this is because Zoey always gets uptight when she does her experiments. Dustin tutors a student named Mark Del Figgalo, but the only thing Dustin teaches Mark is "El elefante es grande," which means "The elephant is big." Mark quits afterwards, asking for his four dollars back. Nicole missed Zoey, too and Zoey moves back in. Zoey solves Nicole and Dana's problem by having Nicole use Quinn's silent leaf blower to blow dry her hair. Zoey forgetting her key was also over with as she attached the key to her necklace. Nicole and Dana join Zoey and Chase for the movie. However, Zoey and Chase see Dustin playing guitar and singing so that he can beg for money. Zoey gives him $5 and Chase gives him a rose he was planning to give to Zoey.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • When Nicole went, "Who is it?", you see the Fada Model 115 radio on the left of Dana.
  • It is discovered that Chase's middle name is Bartholomew.
  • This is the first episode where Zoey starts wearing her key around her neck.
  • Dustin says in Spanish, "el elefante es grande" which means, "the elephant is big" in English.
    • That line was previously used in a Vital Information skit for All That, Dan Schneider's first Nickelodeon project.
  • The song that plays when Michael and Chase are in front of the theater is Okay by Michael Corcoran and is performed in the Victorious episode Jade Gets Crushed.
  • It is discovered that Dustin knows how to play the guitar.
  • If you listen closely, Michael and Logan are watching the Drake & Josh episode, Blues Brothers, when Chase walks into their dorm room.

Goofs Edit

  • Near the start of the episode, Dana throws a pillow at Nicole and it falls on the floor. A while later, she chases Nicole around the room. After they stop, we can no longer see the pillow on the floor.
  • In this episode, Zoey keeps on getting locked out of the room, which is why from this episode on, she keeps a key on a necklace. But after this episode no one ever seems to use a key to unlock dorm rooms. They just open the door and walk in.
  • Chase tells Dustin that he doesn't have any money. However, he was just about to go to the movies with Zoey, which requires money to enter. On the other hand, Zoey might have paid for them to get into the movie. It is also possible that Chase had money that he just didn't want to give any to Dustin, which would explain why Dustin didn't understand what he said.
  • When Nicole used the silent leafblower, it was supposed to make the frizz go away. But when she got up and turned her head, the whole side of her head was frizzy and messy. Then after it switched from the view of Dana sleeping back to Nicole, the frizz was gone.
  • Dana claims that she sets her alarm clock for 7:55 every morning, but it is highly unlikely for her to get to class on time if she got up at five minutes before her class at 8:00. Also, in the episode, Jet X, Dana panics when she wakes up ten minutes before class.