Stage Fighting
Season 1, Episode 3
Airdate April 18, 2010
Production Code 103
Written by George Doty IV
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 3.3 million
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Stage Fighting is the 3rd episode of the first season of Victorious. It aired on April 18, 2010.

Plot Edit

Tori is trying to fit a French horn in her locker. Everyone at Hollywood Arts has to play an instrument and Tori chose the French horn because she liked French fries and French toast. She is really bad at playing it, while André is very good.

Tori walks into the Blackbox Theater and sees Beck and a guy named Russ fighting. Tori attacks Russ, but a bunch of people walk in and tell her that they were stage fighting (fake fighting that looks real). Russ teaches the class about it. The class is supposed to team up with someone else and do a fight scene together. Tori ends up getting paired with Jade, making her nervous. Meanwhile, Robbie wanted to try out for a play and auditions with Trina. At one point, their characters have to kiss, but afterwards, Robbie begins to believe that Trina was really infatuated with him. At lunch, Robbie sits down with a bunch of popular students, but then, Robbie sits down with her, causing everyone to leave. Robbie kisses her again, but Trina spits milk all over his face. Robbie tells her about what he thought, but Trina tells him she wasn't in love with her. When Tori and Jade do their scene, Tori dresses up as an old lady coming from a Bingo game, and Jade dresses as a mugger. However, when Tori has to pretend to hit Jade, Tori hits her for real.'

Robbie comes over to Trina's house. She gives Trina some stuffed cabbage, planning to share it with Trina, but Trina locks him out and turns off the porch light. Meanwhile, Jade is being overly dramatic about her black and bloody eye. Tori is called to the guidance counselor's office. Lane suggests that she might've hit her by accident for real. He gives her two weeks detention and makes her clean the Blackbox Theater after a big food fight scene. At lunch, Cat and Trina try to tell Robbie that she wasn't in love with him, but then, Cat kisses him. Robbie says he wants her to meet his parents. Also, a girl accidentally throws water on Jade's face. She runs inside, but then, André sees Jade and realizes that the black eye and the blood was fake and goes to tell Tori. Tori finds out, but doesn't tell on her. Jade goes to Tori and asks why she took a half lower grade, two weeks of detention, and the job of cleaning up the entire theater just so Jade wouldn't get in trouble. Tori says that it was because they both went to school there and it wouldn't be fun if all they did was fight. In return, Jade helps them sneak out, while tricking a police officer named Derrick to do all the work.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This episode marks the first kiss between Robbie and Cat in the series.
  • This episode also marks the first kisses between Robbie and Trina so far in the series (there were two).
  • Robbie kisses two girls in this episode and "falls in love" with both of them.
  • This is the first episode that Sinjin does not appear in.
  • This is the second time a main character kissed two characters. First was Beck in Pilot.
  • Tori and Jade's skit was about an old lady coming home from Bingo Night and a mugger about to rob her. Ironically, the old lady was supposed to beat up the mugger.
  • This is the first time where Robbie and Trina interact with each other.
  • The (according to Rex) "hot" blonde is played by Jamie Snow, who also played Tara in Freak the Freak Out. She also played "Tammy" in the The Amanda Show sketch "The Girl's Room".
  • The entire theater clean-up dance was improvised by Elizabeth Gillies, Victoria Justice, and Robert Christopher Riley (the actor who played Derrick).
  • Lane mentions that Hollywood Arts has a middle school.
  • André's "Play that funky music, white girl" line is a reference to the TV sitcom Friends where Ross decides to play the keyboard for his friends and to support him Phoebe also says "play that funky music white boy."
  • There was a deleted scene where after Trina locks her door, Robbie says to Rex, "Oh well, I guess it's dinner for the two of us at the Olive Garden," and Rex replies, "Oh, NO! Not the Olive Garden! Please!".
  • This is the second episode where the title is said in the episode.
  • This is the first time Jade shows her "soft side".
  • On Dan's Fun Facts blog, he says that Derrick was going to pull out his pepper spray, thought it looks like he was going for his gun instead.
  • The song Jade, Tori, and Derrick are dancing to is "Queen of White Lies" by The Orion Experience. While filming, Liz, Victoria, and Robert Christopher Riley (the actor who plays Derek) were actually dancing to "Fluorescent Adolescent" by the Arctic Monkeys.
  • "Queen of White Lies" was also heard in the Zoey 101 episode "Coffee Cart Ban." (Zoey 101 was a Nickelodeon show by Dan Schneider that Victoria Justice had starred in for a few years)
  • This song was also heard in iParty with Victorious, just before Robbie breaks the sound.
  • Cat's line "And it sounds kinda gross" was not scripted. Dan added that line on stage while they were filming.
  • After André asks Tori why she picked the French Horn, Tori says, "I dunno... I like French fries, French toast..." In the original script, Tori also said "French kissing" – but Dan decided that was a bit much for a Nickelodeon show, so he cut "French kissing" from the script.
  • A stunt double was not used for Victoria or Liz.
  • The line "Who is this chick?!" was not in the script. Dan added that line on stage while they were filming.
  • The bit where Rex has his hand on the hot blonde's knee at the end of the scene was not scripted. The director came up with that idea during rehearsal.
  • The scene where Robbie and Trina audition was actually filmed at around midnight. The lighting department made it look like day.
  • When Trina and Robie audition in the class together, in the background you can see "The Shadow Puppet Of Bali".
  • There was about 7 to 8 takes of the kiss in Robbie and Trina's audition while filming.
  • The bit where Tori accidentally picks up the huge piece of lettuce on her fork then shakes it off wasn't in the script. It happened by accident during a take, and it made Victoria and Dan laugh. So Dan had her do the same thing again in the next take.
  • Ever since this episode was filmed, everyone who works on Victorious (staff and crew) yells "Butternut" whenever they get freaked out or frustrated.
  • Tori's line "I'll pull it" was not in the script. It was added stage, while they were filming.
  • Everyone who works for Dan knows, he almost never let the girls wear ponytails on his shows. But in the last scene he made an exception with Tori, because a ponytail seemed appropriate for what she was doing in the scene.
  • Tori's line, "Or onion pus" was not in the script. Dan added that line on stage, while they were filming.
  • Ending tagline: "But we'll implode!"—Trina.

Goofs Edit

  • When Tori and Jade are cleaning up after the food fight scene, Jade accidentally trips when she walks up to turn on the music. This was actually not meant to happen, but Dan Schneider decided to leave it in because Elizabeth Gillies stayed in character. Victoria's big, open-mouthed smile was not scripted as well; it was her reaction to Liz's slip-up.
  • When Tori "hurts" Jade, make-up appears already.
  • It would be practically impossible to play the French Horn the way André plays it in the episode; the French Horn requires lots of air to play and was named one of the most difficult instruments to play by the Guinness Book of World Records.
  • It is impossible to try to stuff a French Horn in such a small locker.
  • When Trina leaves the table during the scene where Robbie is trying to convince her to go out with him, she takes her pink patterned backpack with her. When Cat sits down, she puts her black backpack with pink trim next to her on the seat. But when the part where Jade is storming away from the lunch area after getting water splashed onto her comes up, the audience can clearly see Trina's pink patterned backpack next to Cat.
  • When the girl tells Jade "Please don't destroy me socially," you can clearly see Jade run away before she says "Just forget it". After she says that she runs away for a second time.
  • When Tori supposedly hits Jade, it's really obvious that the cane didn't touch Jade and if it did, Tori would have hit Jade in the head, not the eye (you'll see it if you look closely).