"What's behind that door?"
— Sam to the rival babysitters.

Season 1, Episode 8
Airdate August 3, 2013
Production Code 107
Written by Dan Schneider
Jake Farrow
Directed by Adam Weissman
Viewership 2.867 million
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#ToddlerClimbing is the 8th episode of the first season of Sam & Cat. It aired on August 3, 2013.

Plot Edit

Mrs. Dooley, a client of Sam and Cat reschedules when she finds negative reviews of their babysitting service on Sam and Cat find the website and find out that their babysitting service has 14 negative reviews. They read two of them and then try to figure out who wrote them.

At Bots, Cat, Dice, and Nona are there and order when Sam runs in and says those reviews were written by the same person because she called her friend Freddie in Seattle and he found the IP address of which the negative reviews originated. Sam and Cat go there and they find 3 boys. Sam and Cat talk to them about the negative reviews and they try to make the two girls leave when they discover a locked door, but Sam pulls out her Butter sock and threatens to hurt them. Cat mentions they can't fight in front of a baby that the three boys are babysitting because that would be against the babysitter code. Sam and Cat then almost leave, but Sam uses her butter sock to break their table.

Sam and Cat then come up with a plan to make Dice look like a little kid and put a camera in his hat and a microphone on his ear to see what's going on inside the three boys' house. Nona takes Dice to their house and pretends to be his grandmother. Dice sits with a baby for a while and then finally, someone arrives and they go into the locked door. Dice tries to go in, but the three boys say he can't go in, so Sam says to Dice to throw a tantrum and don't stop until he gets what he wants. Dice then almost blows his cover, but they still let him in. It turns out the locked door leads to the basement and the three boys have an illegal toddler climbing game. Cat records it and her and Sam go into their house. Sam picks the lock and they threaten to show the video they recorded to the cops if they don't stop and to give Sam and Cat the three boys snortch password so they can delete all their negative comments. They then get the boys and everyone else in the room to repeat a poem Cat wrote. They then all go upstairs except for Sam and Cat, who want to get the toddlers off the climbing wall, but then they decide to cheer them on.

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Goofs Edit

  • During the Toddler Climbing match you can see a huge gap between the floor and the first set of rocks, the gap is so large a toddler couldn't be strong enough to pass it.
  • When Cat said that she couldn't fight in front of a baby, Sam could have just turned the child around with the baby's eyes facing the wall.
  • When Sam and Cat first start the camera to find Nona singing, she is the middle of the world "thermometer". However, when Sam messes up the video, Nona just begins her song. Also, they didn't begin recording when Nona sang her song and only started recording when they see the toddlers climbing.
  • When Dice is sitting with the toddler in the babysitters' apartment, the toys that they are playing with keep moving and opening at different camera angles.

Running gags Edit

  • Nona constantly makes references to things in her time that no one gets or cares about.
  • Nona wanting to sing the big thermometer song to others.

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