"We murdered Del Deville!"
— Cat after the tricycle lands on Del.

Season 1, Episode 34
Airdate July 12, 2014
Production Code 134
Written by Dan Schneider
Christopher J. Nowak
Directed by Steve Hoefer
Viewership 2.407 million
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#WeStealARockStar is the 34th and the penultimate episode of Sam & Cat.

Plot Edit

Sam and Dice are watching Slightly Less Gorgeous. Cat comes in, but Sam and Dice ignore her. Cat wants to know what they are watching. Sam and Dice explain they are watching a show where people make gorgeous people a little less gorgeous. Cat wants to do something fun and Sam suggests freeze tag. Sam tags Cat and puts a blanket over her and walks back to the couch with Dice. Goomer comes in and is wearing a suit. Sam and Dice ignore him while Goomer says he has a job as a bodyguard. Sam and Dice question it and Goomer acts like he didn't mention it and is surprised they are guessing correctly. Sam and Dice finally pay attention to Goomer when he says he is a bodyguard to famous lead singer Del DeVille. Goomer freaks out again and jumps through the window. Sam and Dice go to the store to repair the window and leave Cat with the blanket on her head.

Sam, Cat, and Dice are waiting on a curb for Del DeVille. Goomer and Del DeVille walks over and Goomer offers to get them burritos, but realizes he left glasses in the car and goes to get them. A girl rides by and tells Sam, Cat, and Dice to watch her bike while she gets food. Goomer leaves and Sam, Cat, and Dice meet Del DeVille and talk to him. They offer to take a group selfie with Del. Cat ties her balloon to the girl's tricycle and they are about to take the picture when the girl's tricycle flies away because of Cat's balloon. Sam borrows Brody the fisherman's spear gun to pop the balloon and send down the tricycle. Sam pops the balloon and the tricycle comes down, hitting Del on the head and making him unconscious. They start to worry and the three grab a wheelbarrow and put Del in it. They wheel him to their apartment. They are worrying Del will wake up and call the cops. Del wakes up and remembers what happened and starts to call the cops, but Sam tackles him and knocks him out again. They cuff Del to Sam's bed and Cat takes Del's shoes.

The next morning, Sam wakes up Del and will not let him go until he completely promises not to call the cops on them. Dice also walks in and reveals he took Del's phone and will not give it back until they let him go. In the kitchen, Dice shows Sam and Cat a video about Del DeVille gone missing. Cat has cooked Del six different kinds of breakfast foods. Sam said she just could of asked him what he wanted. Cat takes the oatmeal to eat in her room. Goomer comes in and is worried about where Del DeVille is since he is his bodyguard. In the bedroom, Cat wants to give Del oatmeal if he promises not to try to escape. Del promises, but then grabs Cat and forces her to let him go and Cat gets away. Sam says to Goomer that maybe Del will text him now saying he's okay and nods to Dice since he has Del's phone. Dice texts on Del's phone and sends a message to Goomer saying he is okay. Goomer is now happy. Later in the bedroom, Del wonders what Cat is doing with a guitar while he is wearing a mask so he won't attack Cat again. Cat says her friend at Hollywood Arts, André Harris, broke his guitar and she is fixing it for him. Cat finishes and tests it out and turns out to be extremely talented on the guitar as she plays a catchy riff. Del is impressed and Cat makes a deal with Del: She lets him use the guitar riff she made up and he won't tell the cops on Sam, Cat, and Dice. Three months later (As implied to the title of the book Sam is reading), Dice shows Sam and Cat a news report about Del having a multi-platinum record with a hit song ending with a great eight second riff. Another three months later (Again the title of the book Sam is reading) Dice shows Sam and Cat another news report about Del being sued for copying the last eight second riff from another song. That riff was used by Cat and Cat thought she made it up. The three agree it would be better if they never met him. Cat says but then she would never have his shoes.

Quotes Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first episode to air after the premiere anniversary of the show.
  • This is the penultimate episode of the series.
  • Cat believes in bad luck.
  • Del's phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 in a red and black case.
  • Sam makes a reference to the song "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis.
  • Del wears the same mask Crazy Steve does.
  • The fourth wall is broken twice when sam reads a book called "3 months after that" to show the audience that it's taking place 3 months later.
  • The ending credts scene for this episode is the same one from #TextingCompetition
  • This episode was referred as #CoopedUpDeVille by the website

Allusions Edit

  • Sam makes a reference to the song "Great Balls of Fire" by Jerry Lee Lewis.

Character revelations Edit

  • Cat is good at repairing and playing guitars.

Goofs Edit

  • It is shown that Cat can repair guitars, but in the Victorious episode Andre's Horrible Girl, Jade breaks a guitar, but she doesn't fix it.
  • When Sam unlocked one of Del Deville's hands, he could have used that hand to unlock the other hand and then escape.
    • However that would have been hard.
  • For some reason, Del doesn't recognize Sam and Cat as being the ones who brought Clarice to his concert in #DollSitting.
    • However he may have forgotten about that.

Running gags Edit

Series continuity Edit

  • Andre Harris from Victorious is mentioned by Cat in this episode.
  • Hollywood Arts is also mentioned in this episode.
  • Del DeVille from #DollSitting returns in this episode.
  • This is the third appearance of Brody, the spear fisherman.